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 Keynote Address
 Plenary I 
 Differentiating pathways: why they are not all the same  Leesa Wheelahan
 Concurrent Session - A1  Collaboration, Communication, and Technology:  System Change and Alberta's New Learner Pathways System  Clare Ard & AnnMarie Lyseng
 Concurrent Session - A3  General principles and local contexts in student pathways  Gavin Moodie & Leesa Wheelahan
 Concurrent Session - B1  Transfer and Pathways: The Challenge of Multiple Campuses  Paula Green & Julie Parna
 York Seneca Partnership
 Concurrent Session - C1  Laurier's Formula for 2+2 Pathway  Sean T. Doherty, Craig Chipps &  Christina Perris
 Wilfrid Laurier University
 Concurrent Session - C2  Faculty Discipline-based Committees as the Basis for  Developing Learning Outcomes, Pathways, and Articulation  Agreements: US and Canadian Models  John Fitzgibbon - BCCAT
 Clare Ard - ACAT
 Nicole Fallon - ONCAT
 Concurrent Session - C3  ONCAT - OCAS Transfer Pathways Partnership  Alana Wiens, ONCAT
 Rose Chan, ONCAT
 Sean Vandeweerd, OCAS
 Plenary II  PCCAT 2017 CAT Updates  CAT Panel
 Plenary III  Education & Career Development: An Academic Mission for
 the 21st Century
Rod Skinkle - Academica
 Concurrent Session - D1  First-Year Core Engineering Curriculum for the BC
 Post-Secondary Sector 
 Brian Dick
 Vancouver Island University
 Concurrent Session - D3  CAT Communication with Students  AnnMarie Lyseng - ACAT
 Rob Fleming - BCCAT
 Lia Quikert - ONCAT
 Concurrent Session - E1 Interprovincial Use and Feedback: ARUCC/PCCAT Transcript  and Transfer Guide  AnnMarie Lyseng - ACAT
 Joanne Duklas - Duklas  Cornerstone  Consulting
Concurrent Session - E2 Trends in College-to-University Transfer in Ontario: Influences on Transfer Rates and the Transition Experience  Ursula McCloy - Seneca College
 Henry Decock - Seneca College
 Concurrent Session - E3  Interprovincial Degree Partnerships: Is there potential for a  Pan-Canadian database?  Anna Tikina, BCCAT
 Plenary IV  ACAT PLAR Update
 CAPLA Questions
 CAPLA Panel