Speaker Bios

Robert Adamoski

Director, Research and Admissions BC Council on Admissions and Transfer
Vancouver, BC | 604-412-7790 | radamoski@bccat.ca

Robert Adamoski conducts research and manages projects on student mobility, transfer student performance, international students, and admissions practices. He also contributes to pan-Canadian projects including the National Transcript and Transfer Guide, and the Groningen and Student Mobility Task Force. Robert chairs the BC Student Transitions Project, which conducts research on student transitions from K-12 to post-secondary, post-secondary mobility, and credential completion pathways in BC.

Clare Ard

Articulation Manager, Learner Pathways/ACAT Secretariat Alberta Advanced Education
Edmonton, AB | 780-690-2772 | clare.ard@gov.ab.ca

Clare Ard has worked in post-secondary services, both governmental and institutional, since 1996. She has been the Articulation Manager with the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT) Secretariat for the past three years, prior to which she was herself an academic advisor dealing with transfer students. She has also worked in financial aid, student government, and student career services, and holds Master’s degrees in Comparative Literature and Library Studies.

Justine Arsenault

Program Planning Analyst , British Columbia Institute of Technology
Edmonton, AB | 604-456-8192 | Justine_Arsenault@bcit.ca

Justine is a Program Planning Analyst with the BCIT SITE Centre. In this role, she manages the BCIT Legion Military Skills Conversion Program, which is designed to help Canadian Armed Forces members accelerate and advance their civilian career. She is responsible for assessing the knowledge, skills and experiences of transitioning military members and advising them on educational pathways based on the APPL method. Justine also provides support services to military students as they attend BCIT.

Brian Baumal

Principal, ThinkLounge Research
Toronto, ON | 416-704-1354 | bb@thinklounge.ca

Brian Baumal is the Principal of Thinklounge Research a public opinion and market research firm. Within the education sector, he conducted the research that lead to U of T’s very successful “Boundless” positioning, and access. His work for the Council of Educators of Toronto on the issue of student financing for those receiving social assistance continues to help educational institutions and front-line workers navigate a complex set of policies for students facing challenging circumstances.

Andrew Choquette

Manager Program Development and Service Digitilazation, Canadian Armed Forces, Directorate of Transition Services and Policy
Ottawa, ON | 613-996-1451 | Andrew.Choquette@forces.gc.ca

Retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2016 after a 34 year military career as in the Intelligence and Communications & Electronics field. Upon retirement, he successfully transitioned to the Federal Public Service with Veterans Affairs Canada, Employment Social Development Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces. Currently with the CAF Directorate of Transition Services and Policy. He is the lead for development of transition programs and digitalization of transition services.

Henry Decock

Associate Vice President, Academic Partnerships, Seneca College
Toronto, ON | 416-491-5050 | henry.decock@senecacollege.ca

Henry Decock is the Associate VP, Academic Partnerships at Seneca. He has oversight for the Centre for Research in Student Mobility and the Degree and Credit Transfer Office. Henry is also the senior college lead on academic partnerships, and the Office of Research and Innovation and the Office of Institutional Research. Henry holds a BA in Sociology and Politics from the University of Western Ontario; an MA in Sociology from York University; and a PhD in Higher Education from OISE/U of T.

Eric Dohei

Manager, Learner Pathways/ACAT Secretariat, Alberta Advanced Education
Edmonton, AB | 780-644-3185 | eric.dohei@gov.ab.ca

Eric Dohei has worked with the Government of Alberta in education-related fields for over 25 years, the past 10 years of which he has served as Manager within the Alberta Council on Admission and Transfer (ACAT) Secretariat. Since 2014, a primary focus of Eric’s work has been ACAT’s Learner Pathways Modernization Initiative, supporting the development and implementation of the Alberta Transfer and Pathways System’s Learner Pathways System tools. 

Joanne Duklas

Executive Lead, ARUCC Groningen and Student Mobility Project
Georgetown, ON | 905-703-7485 | joanne@duklascornerstone.ca 

As the executive lead for the ARUCC Groningen project, Joanne along with her team provides expert strategic and operational support to the ARUCC Project Steering Committee. She also is a researcher and consultant through her firm, Duklas Cornerstone Consulting, providing her clients with expertise across the student success, mobility, and enrolment management spectrum. Joanne is a former president of ARUCC (2012) and a Canadian higher education expert.

Paula Green

York / Seneca Partnership, York University & Seneca College
Toronto, ON | 416-736-2100 | pgreen@yorku.ca

Paula Green is the administrator for the York / Seneca Partnership. She has a PhD in Education from the University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Her research interests are in the areas of internationalization, interinstitutional collaboration and student mobility. 

Avery Hulbert

Faculty, College of the Rockies
Cranbrook, BC | 250-433-1447 | ahulbert@cotr.bc.ca

Avery Hulbert MA, BAHon has been an Instructor at the College of the Rockies (Cranbrook, BC) in Criminology, Anthropology and Indigenous Studies since 2009. For the last 3 years she has been the Chair of the BCCAT Western Regional Articulation Committee and 2 years as the Chair of the Indigenous Articulation Committee. In 2018 she was newly appointed to the Transfer & Articulation Committee with BCCAT. Avery is honoured to work, play and live as a guest on the beautiful Ktunaxa Territory.

Kay Kuri

Program Analyst, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Vancouver, BC | 604-456-1170 | karime@bcitsitecentre.ca

Karime (Kay) Kuri started with BCIT Site Centre with the National Advanced and Placement and Prior Learning (N-APPL) program in 2015. She started on the back end, creating, coding, and modeling the portal. Eventually, she changed roles to supporting the day-to-day operations of the program. In addition, Kay handles the advanced placement assessments for Mature students at BCIT SITE, taking into consideration work experience for international and Canadian students.

Jennifer Kook

Manager, Technology Services, BC Council on Admissions & Transfer
Vancouver, BC | 604-412-7679 | jkook@bccat.ca

Jennifer has been actively involved in technology service projects that support the work of post-secondary institutions and students, including the roll out of BCCAT's Transfer Credit System and in her recent secondment as Manager, Planning Services for EducationPlannerBC.

Ann Marie Lyseng

Senior Manager, Learner Pathways/ACAT Secretariat, Alberta Advanced Education
Edmonton, AB | 780-913-2117 | annmarie.lyseng@gov.ab.ca

Ann Marie Lyseng is an Alberta educator who is currently the Senior Manager for the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT) Secretariat and Learner Pathways in Advanced Education. Ann Marie has a Master of Education in Educational Administration and Leadership, and she has worked as a secondary and post-secondary instructor in humanities in Alberta. Ann Marie has also worked for Alberta Education in assessment and curriculum for English, Social Studies/Social Sciences, and K&E. 

Debbie Lin

Manager, Transfer Credit, University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC | 604-827-1878 | debbie.lin@ubc.ca

Debbie Lin is the Manager of Transfer Credit at UBC, providing leadership in transfer credit administration for students, staff and faculty at both campuses. Her higher education experience at UBC includes 7 years of administration at the graduate level and over 14 years in undergraduate admissions, mostly in college and university transfers. She holds a BCom in Marketing from UBC and an MA in International Trade from Eastern Michigan University.

Ursula McCloy

Director, Research, Centre for Research in Student Mobility, Seneca College
Toronto, ON | 416-491-5050 | ursula.mccloy@senecacollege.ca

Ursula McCloy has been the director of CRSM at Seneca since 2014, and previously was a research director at HEQCO, and research officer at Colleges Ontario. Her research expertise is mainly in student pathways, including “non-traditional” pathways to PSE; the movement of students and graduates between postsecondary institutions; as well as pathways into the labour market. She has a PhD in Nutritional Science from the University of Toronto, and MSc and BSc degrees from Memorial University.

Bettina Schneider

Associate Vice-President Academic, First Nations University of Canada
Regina, SK | 306-596-5950 | bschneider@fnuniv.ca

Bettina Schneider is currently the Associate Vice-President Academic and an Associate Professor in Business and Public Administration in the Department of Indigenous Science, Environment, and Economic Development at the First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv). She received her M.S. in community development and her Ph.D. in Native American Studies from the University of California, Davis. She has worked at FNUniv since 2007.

Anna Tikina

Research Officer, BC Council on Admissions and Transfer
Vancouver, BC | 604-412-7680 | atikina@bccat.ca

Anna conducts research, and supports and manages research projects for BC Council on Admissions and Transfer. Anna has done a number of projects on student mobility, transfer student performance, and post-secondary practices. She has been active in institutional research communities in Canada and the US Pacific Northwest.

Kate Williams

Research Analyst, Centre for Research in Student Mobility, Seneca College
Toronto, ON | 416-491-5050 | kate.williams@senecacollege.ca

Kate Williams’ role as research analyst(2016- present) is to lead major statistical analyses in support of the Centre’s research agenda, which is primarily is focused on student transfer and mobility. She holds an MSc in Epidemiology from the School of Public Health, University of Alberta and an HBSc in Biology and Pharmacology from McMaster University.

Mike Winsemann

Director, Transfer & Technology, BC Council on Admissions & Transfer
Vancouver, BC | 604-412-7792 | mwinsemann@bccat.ca

As the Director of Transfer & Technology at BCCAT, Mike is the architect of the BC Transfer Guide and the technologies in support of BC's Transfer System. He is a highly regarded and frequent presenter on best practices in technology, student mobility, and higher education. He has been with BCCAT since 2004 and has a Bachelor's degree from the University of British Columbia and Masters degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University. 

Selene Wray

Learner Pathways Facilitator, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Regina, SK | 306_775_7698 | descheness@saskpolytech.ca

Selene Wray has a Master's in Organizational Leadership from the Levene Graduate School of Business, University of Regina and a BA in Communications and Culture from the University of Calgary. She most recently has been working on a military credit project in her role as Learner Pathways Facilitator. Learner Pathways' mandate is to enhance a learning culture that internally and externally promotes and supports all aspects of the recognition of prior learning.