2019 Conference Presentations

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

(Keynote) International qualification recognition conventions: Impact on the credit transfer ecosystem and beyond | Michael Ringuette

(A1) Addressing Transfer Data Gaps and Access to Student Pathways in Alberta | Ann Marie Lyseng & Eric Dohei

(A2) Canadian Armed Forces - Military Education Transition | Andrew Choquette

(A3) Increasing the Mobility of Indigenous Students Across Canada | Bob Kayseas & Bettina Schneider

(B1) Developing Next Generation Student Mobility for Canada | Joanne Duklas

(B2) Emerging Models of Interinstitutional Collaboration: A case study of the YorkSeneca Partnership | Henry Decock & Paula Green

(B3) Recurrent Reports: the Evolution of Transfer Studies in BC | Robert Adamoski & Anna Tikina

(C1) Mobility patterns of Seneca's business students at York: Student profile and academic success | Ursula McCloy & Kate Williams

(C2) APPL: Advanced Placement and Prior Learning by The BCIT SITE Centre | Kay Kuri & Justine Arsenault

(C3) Transfer, Within and Without | Jennifer Kook


Friday, June 21st, 2019

(D1) Sharing the Value & Importance of Regional Articulation Committees | Avery Hulbert

(D2) Developing Canadian Higher Education Capacity for International Credential Transfer Assessment | Joanne Duklas

(D3) Communicating Transfer: The Good Ol' Days of Limited Information | Jennifer Kook & Anna Tikina

(E1) High School Transitions Pathways to Postsecondary: Alberta Initiatives | Clare Ard & Eric Dohei

(E2) 10 Steps for Improving Access for Military Veterans and Reservists into a Polytechnic Education | Selene Wray

(E3) The benefits and complexities of datasharing within interinstitutional academic collaboration | Paula Green & Brian Baumal

(Plenary II) The Secret Transfer Guide: How BCCAT and UBC Collaborated to Reveal Hidden Pathways beyond BC | Mike Winsemann & Debbie Lin