Strategic Planning



Based on previous strategic planning sessions, the following objectives were identified:

  • PCCAT will develop and share tools and effective practices that support institutional/jurisdictional capacity to enhance student mobility.
  • PCCAT will conduct research, on our own and in partnership with other organizations, to inform planning and monitor trends in student mobility and transfer assessment.
  • PCCAT will work collaboratively to provide transfer related information to current and prospective students.


How well do these objectives reflect your understanding of the role of PCCAT?

How well do these objectives define the reason for your participation in PCCAT?

What would you add, subtract and/or change in these objectives?


The following considerations guided the development of our objectives:

  • Partnering and collaborating where best suited
  • Adopting a “student-centric” lens
  • Playing a unique role at the national level and where provinces maybe not be able to achieve alone
  • Developing a plan for advancement of the objectives


What other considerations should guide the specific activities of PCCAT?


The Board discussed different forms of membership and identified some possibilities:

  • Decouple membership from conference
  • Organizational membership:

- Education institutions
- Government departments, ministries, and agencies
- CATs and CAT like organizations
Institutional members would be able to assign a number of people to represent their organization which will allow input from a variety of perspectives.

  • Individual membership
  • Associate membership


What benefits would be achieved by decoupling membership from the annual PCCAT conference?

What limitations does maintaining  individual memberships place on the growth of PCCAT?

How could  organizational membership benefit PCCAT? What organizations should be invited to join?

Many other organizations have an “Associate Member” status with limited privileges. What privileges could be offered to associate members of  PCCAT?


We would like to know what benefits and /or activities should be associated with a membership in PCCAT. Here are some possibilities:

  • PCCAT members have the ability to contribute to research initiatives and have access to the outcomes of research and projects.
  • PCCAT members receive a discount for annual conference registration.
  • PCCAT creates/provides a venue for a national discussion on transfer credit assessment and student mobility.
  • PCCAT facilitates collaborative initiatives and activities which otherwise might not be undertaken.


As a member of PCCAT, what benefits would you like to receive from us?

If PCCAT moved to organizational and institutional membership, how could benefits for organizational members be differentiated from benefits for individual members?

The current membership fee is $25/year for an individual. If we move to an institutional membership model, how should fees be structured to reflect more individuals participating & benefitting?